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Slow sunday fast chat

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Slow sunday fast chat

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Written By Octavia Ramirez I awoke to what felt like a dream. A soft, hazy light filling my bedroom.

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And, the sight of my sweet husband fast asleep next to me. Despite usnday challenges all around usin this little moment, all was right in the world.

And, then…I made my way out of bed, slowly. Why am I doing this?

The truth is, I love what I do, and I honestly love to work. But, in order for me to have the energy to continue doing what I love, and still being able horny girl paterson chat enjoy all the other blessings I have, I need moments of peace and restoration.

This is chat strangers serious challenge for me. But, can also feel like a curse. In fact, late last year, when constructing my vision board forthis was the verse I wrote smack dab in the middle of my sheet.

Yet, clearly failed to follow. So, here I am, embracing the slowness of Sundays, stepping into the rhythm and pace that God is setting cnat this upcoming season.

I want to be fully present, taking in every moment - the cool, crisp mornings, the warm, cozy nights, and the still, small wonders of the world around me. Make hearty, home-cooked meals. Go on long, afternoon walks around my neighbourhood, or through the nearby trail.

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And, spend quality time…by myself, doing…whatever I want. Let my mind wander, explore, experiment, and rest.

In fact, I thought australia chat and hard about whether or not to even write this series. Especially since so much of usnday work is writing.

But, the truth is, writing is my release. Did he paint? For me, writing is both work, and my hobby. So, even in my slowing down and in my stillness, writing is a source of restoration for me.

So, as I chronicle my journey in this September Sundays series, I hope you enjoy the read, and hopefully share your thoughts with me as well. Do you feel like your busy schedule prevents you minneapolis chat line numbers being fully present?

What changes are you going to implement to make a positive change? What Sunday rituals do you have that help you chxt for the week?